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Welcome to the official Goddess of Fetish Clips4Sale store, where you can access extreme eroticism, and tantalizing, hot content 24/7.

I have developed this store with your personal fantasies and desires in mind.  I realize that there are different strokes for different folks; therefore, I have organized this site so you can quickly find your clips of choice in the menu bar, “Videos On Demand”.    The luxury of this site allows you to choose and purchase only the clips you desire, instead of the traditional monthly recurring membership fee.

My journey over the past five years, from 2006 to the present has been an interesting one, which has challenged me in many ways, both professionally and personally.  As a hardcore bodybuilder/athlete, you will find video clips of me posing and training in the gym with extremely heavy weight.  This hardcore training is what landscaped the foundation for the Goddess of Fetish.   My roots as an athlete and bodybuilder will always motivate me, and guide me in my work.   I am committed to not only myself, but to you, in not only striving to improve myself physically, but also in pushing the envelope in delivering high quality fantasies to you, anytime you desire.

Standing 5’9 and weighing 205 pounds, I train with a vengeance, as if there is no tomorrow.   I have a lion heart coupled with unbridled intensity and eroticism that you will soon discover in the videos in this site.   This is what ultimately separates me from the rest of the Goddesses in the fetish and bodybuilding world.    My background in sport was the perfect segue into the fine art of the physique culture and eroticism.

I am well known for my extreme sensuality with both women and men, in a genre I have coined as “sensual domination”.  I particularly enjoy wrestling, lifts and carries,  hardcore weight training,  and human feats of strength.   I find there is nothing more beautiful than the human physique in motion, whether it is in an intense training session, or an erotic one-on-one encounter.

Feel free to explore the simplicity in navigating this site, and submit your fantasies and feedback to me via the contact link.   And, if you dare, submit your information to become a model for The Goddess of Fetish for a unique, once in a lifetime experience.

Your Goddess of Fetish,

Amber Steel

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